Version 1.0 has arrived

I’ve reached version 1.0. These pictures aren’t from version 1, but I made some last-minute changes. The power switch on the top of the console needs some hot glue to hold it in place better, but other than that, it is done.


  • Raspberry Pi Zero W – The computer that powers Pico 8.
  • Waveshare 1.5 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 128×128, the exact screen resolution for Pico 8
  • A mono speaker.
  • Powerboost 1000C charging board that recharges a Lithium-ion battery, but also lets people plug their consoles into a wall for long play sessions. This battery is much more powerful than 3 AA batteries so you can play on the go for much longer. Also, AA batteries are wasteful, especially if someone intends on playing with this console all the time.
  • Clicky buttons for the Dpad, pause button, and 4 action buttons. Pico 8 uses 2 action buttons, X and O, but I will see if there is a way in Pico 8 where you can use the top two buttons. Pico 8 apparently can access the Raspberry Pi GPIO, so I’ll look into that. The X, O, and pause buttons are keyed in, so they don’t rotate 360 degrees.

The final changes I made were making the screen hole 0.5mm larger and made the screw holes for the bottom of the Powerboost 2mm further down. Other than that, it is now done. I may add a venthole or vent strips on the backplate to make things cooler to prevent any overheating, but it is now pretty much done. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. The tutorial post should be out soon, depending on how busy I’ll be at work next week.

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