Pico 8 inspired fan handheld

Hello there. I’ve been working on a Pico 8 inspired handheld. This is what I’ve been working on for 2 days. It is a bit bulky, but I plan on resizing everything once I figure out what can all fit inside adequately. This is a work-in-progress project and isn’t a project endorsed by Lexaloffle. It is entirely a fan project. I will upload the stl files and parts list on my Thingiverse page as I get further along with this project. The fan console will have 4 action buttons, a pause button, a d-pad, a speaker, and a 128×128 resolution screen.


I wanted to make a custom handheld for the Raspberry Pi Zero W for quite a while, where I could use a knock-off SNES controller inside, but then I decided on creating a niche project instead. I love the Pico 8 platform as I love retro consoles and computers from the 80’s to early 2000’s.

Why 4 action buttons? The Pico 8 fantasy console uses two action buttons. X and O, but I thought some games might use more than two buttons, so I felt like 4 was perfect.

I will update this blog as I continue this project. Have a wonderful day.

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