Cad Handheld Pico 8

The battery compartment

I’m using a battery holder that will use 3 AA batteries. I had to create a door and make it simple to remove. On the backplate of the shell, I also made a housing for the battery holder. I’m thinking of making the backplate mount all the electronics, but the front part of the shell will have holes that will allow you to attach both parts of the shell together.

I will probably smooth everything out everything and will update you on this project once I start on sound and the controls. Have a good rest of your day.

Handheld Linux Pico 8

The screen now works

This 128×128 OLED screen looks better off camera. The game featured is Pico Snail by: GiantLNT –

This part of the project took me a whole day just to get to work. I had some help on the Pico 8 Discord channel and scoured the internet looking for information on how to get this screen to work properly. Now, everything seems to be working on the display, but I might find ways to tweak the performance a little more.

The tutorial on how to get the screen working on your Raspberry Pi Zero

The tutorial I created can be found here

The parts I used:

Raspberry Pi Zero W with GPIO headers pre-soldered from Adafruit

1.5inch RGB OLED Display Module 128×128 16-bit High Color SPI Interface SSD1351 Driver – From

1.5inch RGB OLED Display Module 128×128 16-bit High Color SPI Interface SSD1351 Driver – Directly from

3D Printing Cad Handheld Pico 8

First shell prototype

Hello again. I 3d printed a prototype of my shell to see how the console will feel in the hands and if the parts will fit in properly. The parts will fit properly and I have some wiggle room to shrink the shell down so the console will be around the same thickness of a Gameboy. +/- a couple of mm.

The 128×128 screen has arrived so I can try to get that part working and see if Pico 8 will behave properly with that display.

Here are some pictures of what the current prototype looks like.

The first prototype does feel great in the hands and the d-pad and button spacing feels perfect, but it is too thick to hold. Fortunately I’m going to shrink it down 5mm. I will also change where the battery compartment will go and that might let me shrink it down further. I will work on the screen hopefully today and will update the blog soon. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

3D Printing Cad Handheld Pico 8

Update #2

Hello again. Here is another update to my Pico 8 fan handheld project. I have made the front and back rounded. There is no name for this project yet, but I’m open to suggestions. Some of the internal components have arrived in the mail, but the display I’m going to use will arrive soon.

The shell of this device will be 38mm or roughly 1.5 inches. This is temporary until I figure out how I want to house everything. After that, I can shrink the handheld so it wont be so bulky.

The display.

The display is a 128×128 resolution screen from Waveshare. It is the Waveshare 1.5inch RGB OLED Display Module. The part number on the ribbon cable is ssd1351u3. It has a SPI display interface and there are repos on Github that have what I need, the ability to copy the frame buffer. Once I get the display working properly, I will work on sound, then work on the button inputs. I’m thinking of using tactile switch buttons for the action buttons; pause button, and dpad.

3d printing the prototypes

I have a Anycubic Mega Zero 3d printer that I will use for making prototypes. It has a 220 x 220 x 250 mm build area, which is more than enough for this project. The first prototypes will be to see how the handheld will feel in the hands and see if the button spacing is adequate enough. Once most of the parts arrive, I will see if the internal parts will fit properly (they should) and where I want to mount all the components. Once everything is done, I will add the screw holes and create a battery door. I will post pictures of the prototypes soon.

This is what the handheld looks like in Cura, the slicer program I use for 3D printing. I’ll be printing at 0.3mm layer height and it should take me 3 hours and 25 minutes for the first prototype to finish printing, as long as my printer doesn’t have any issues.

If all things go well, I will post an update on the 3d printed handheld prototype. Have a wonderful day.

Cad Handheld Pico 8 Soldering

Pico 8 inspired fan handheld

Hello there. I’ve been working on a Pico 8 inspired handheld. This is what I’ve been working on for 2 days. It is a bit bulky, but I plan on resizing everything once I figure out what can all fit inside adequately. This is a work-in-progress project and isn’t a project endorsed by Lexaloffle. It is entirely a fan project. I will upload the stl files and parts list on my Thingiverse page as I get further along with this project. The fan console will have 4 action buttons, a pause button, a d-pad, a speaker, and a 128×128 resolution screen.


I wanted to make a custom handheld for the Raspberry Pi Zero W for quite a while, where I could use a knock-off SNES controller inside, but then I decided on creating a niche project instead. I love the Pico 8 platform as I love retro consoles and computers from the 80’s to early 2000’s.

Why 4 action buttons? The Pico 8 fantasy console uses two action buttons. X and O, but I thought some games might use more than two buttons, so I felt like 4 was perfect.

I will update this blog as I continue this project. Have a wonderful day.