First shell prototype

Hello again. I 3d printed a prototype of my shell to see how the console will feel in the hands and if the parts will fit in properly. The parts will fit properly and I have some wiggle room to shrink the shell down so the console will be around the same thickness of a Gameboy. +/- a couple of mm.

The 128×128 screen has arrived so I can try to get that part working and see if Pico 8 will behave properly with that display.

Here are some pictures of what the current prototype looks like.

The first prototype does feel great in the hands and the d-pad and button spacing feels perfect, but it is too thick to hold. Fortunately I’m going to shrink it down 5mm. I will also change where the battery compartment will go and that might let me shrink it down further. I will work on the screen hopefully today and will update the blog soon. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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