A new Pi Powered handheld with a crank

Hello again. Its been a month since I last posted. I’ve been busy with life, but now, I’m working on a project that has been put on the back burner. It is a Pi Zero handheld with a crank on the side, similar to another popular console called the Playdate. Presenting the Playdave (name pending, might stick to a generic name).

My project is meant to be a fan made parody of the Playdate console by: Panic. This project will be a DIY fanmade project only. If you want one, you’ll have to make one yourself or get someone else to make one for you.

The goal for this project is for me to practice more soldering and have fun in the process. I intend to play Pico 8 on this thing, but since I wont be using a square 1:1 display, people should be able to use other fantasy consoles, emulators, or play their own games that are compatible with the Pi Zero.

My project will feature the following:

  • A clicky dpad just like in my Pico 8 inspired handheld, but it will have rounded corners. I also have made variants so if someone wants to 3d print one, they can choose which one will be the most comfortable for them.
  • It will also have 2 action buttons and a menu button. The layout will be perfect for someone who wants to play Pico 8 games or code their own games. I will make the controls compatible with Pico 8.
  • A potentiometer. This will allow people to play games with a crank control system, but since most of the parts will be 3d printed, people will be able to swap out the crank with a steering wheel, a knob, or anything else they want. I might put the potentiometer on the front, as I’m liking the steering wheel idea for racing games.
  • The display will be a color display of some sort. I might use my Adafruit TFT display, but it seems too bulky.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W. It is thin and should be powerful enough for small games and especially Pico 8. I might look into other single board computers.

Once I finish a physical prototype, I’ll update the blog with more information, and will probably post the STL files on Thingiverse. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.